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humans of parc

Humans of PARC

Cayc, 26

Cayc is one busy mother with 2 daughters, Shevvi (2) Coco-Rose (3Months), and a successful hairdressing business that she runs from home. She joined PARC 2 years ago when her first daughter was 4 months old.

“On my first day, I just walked into any group exercise class that was on. It so happened to be a BodyPump class. I didn't even know anything about the class or what to expect. It came as a bit of a shock when we had to set up weights. Ahhh I had never even touched weights before!

Then I did a BodyStep class and fell in love. That's the day I met Bec, the Group Exercise Leader, who made me feel really comfortable about being the new kid on the block. From there my obsession for fitness became something real. I then started challenging myself with BodyAttack and HIIT and have not looked back since. My body started changing and within 5 months I looked completely different!

Everyday I'm excited to get to the gym. I love PARC and call it my second home. I've made so many new friends, all the instructors are amazing and the girls in the crèche are great too! PARC made me find happiness in exercising. 

My health and fitness goals are now focussed on more weight training. I'm so much more educated in weights and it's not "scary" to me anymore. I like to change it up and do a variety of different things. I don't aim to look like somebody else, I aim to be the best me I can be at this time of my life.”

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