Sally Enad's Story

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Meet PARC member, Sally Enad

"Over 2 years ago, I suffered a debilitating pain in my right knee. The pain was so extreme that it affected both my physical and mental well-being. Just to do the normal daily activities - my work in the factory and house work - was a real struggle. I was having to limp around resulting in additional pressure on my left knee. Furthermore, I was also overweight, making the situation worse having so much pressure placed on both knees. To ease the pain I was prescribed pain medications on a daily basis. I visited a specialist in Frankston to undergo an MRI scan and x-ray on both knees. Following this I was put on a two year wait list to eventually undergo a knee replacement.

Tired of waiting for surgery, I decided to join PARC on June 13, 2017 to undergo a new health and wellbeing program. I signed up to use the spa, steam room, sauna and heated pool. My routine included doing rehabilitation in the aquatics area for up to an hour a day, four times a week. After two months, I noticed that the pain seemed to be more bearable. My walking had also improved and now seven months later, my physical health has dramatically improved and I no longer take any pain killers. The doctor required me to undergo a procedure to reduce the fluid on both legs and also requested to have steroid injections done to help ease the occasional pain. I feel so good now that I don’t require any pain killers or further injections.

My health and wellbeing program has helped me to lose 8 kilos and I couldn’t feel any better. I have to see my GP for another review soon, and I’d gather I no longer need the knee replacement surgery. My health has been restored, thanks to the health and wellbeing program of PARC. It has been an absolutely amazing journey and I am beyond grateful to have this kind of facility close to home.


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