PARC Fit is an outdoor group training program that caters for members from PARC and the Frankston community.  The program is aimed to cater for all types of people with different fitness abilities, goals and age groups and is not considered or marketed as a bootcamp.  The intention is to give an opportunity for people to meet new people and be involved in an environment of building comradery and support networks to ensure they reach their potential personal health and fitness goals. PARC Fit is known to be non-intimidating, non-elitist, encouraging, educational motivating, supportive, challenging and most importantly fun.

Each 8 week program consists of three 60 minute sessions per week and aims to utilise different locations in the Frankston community such as Beauty Park, PARC (outside), Ballam Park, Frankston Foreshore and Oliver's Hill. Teams are capped at 40 participants each.

PARC Fit Summer edition, Monday 5 Feb - Thursday 29 March
With the PARC Fit Summer program we are teaming up with Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) to bring you an extended 10 week transformation challenge. The ASN BODY TRANSFORMATION is jam packed with value and includes: 10 weeks’ worth of training programs, 7 meal plans per each goal, gender and weight category, including vegan and vegetarian. There is loads of information, forum support, video library’s and so much more. This program will support our PARC Fit program and is optional for all participants. There will also a be super session with all teams on Friday 13 April at 5.45am-6.45am.

There are 2 packs to choose from with exclusive discounts for PARC members only (see below). Purchase yours at PARC reception.



  • Summer: Monday 5 Feb - Thursday 29 March (special 10 week program)
  • Autumn: Monday 30 April - Friday 22 June
  • Winter: Monday 30 July - Friday 21 September
  • Spring: Monday 8 October - Friday 30 November


  • Morning: Blue, Green and Red teams will train Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 5:45am - 6:45am
  • Evening: Yellow team will train Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6:30pm - 7:30pm


  • Green Team - Rangi and Nic Gauci
  • Blue Team - Joel and Lauren
  • Red Team - Andrew and Sharna
  • Yellow Team - Nic and Alicia


  • Frankston Foreshore
  • Oliver's Hill
  • Beauty Park
  • Ballam Park (evening only)
  • PARC (outside)


PARC Fit is free for 12-month Complete, Active Life and Active Youth (16-17 year olds) and corporate members in 2018. A cost of $356 ($263 for Yellow Team) will be charged to any Flexi member, Aquatic member, or non-member who would like to participate in PARC Fit. 


Flexi members, Aquatic members, or non-members will need to make payment before the program commences. Payment can be made at Reception and proof of payment will be needed to begin the program. If you wish to purchase a discounted ASN package, payments can be made at PARC reception

Visit our PARC Fit Facebook page to see all the action! For any questions, please email